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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Standard Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
|bananna| Bananna Bananna
|snowman| Snowman Snowman
|santa2 santa2 santa2
|huh Huh Huh
|boobies| Boobies Boobies
|punchref| PunchRef PunchRef
|snowman2 snowman2 snowman2
|pray| Pray Pray
|lol| Lolol Lolol
|club| Club Club
|thumb ThumbsUp ThumbsUp
|angry| Angry Angry
|waves| Waves Waves
|crazy| Crazy Crazy
|tddance| TD-Dance TD-Dance
|pokefun| PokeFun PokeFun
|football| Football Football
|bow| Bow Bow
|jackinthe JackInTheBox JackInTheBox
|touchdown TouchDown TouchDown
|bigsanta| Santa Santa
|greenguy| Greenguy Greenguy
|potleaf| PotLeaf PotLeaf
|loony| Loony Loony
|cleo| Apple Apple
|xmastree| Xmastree Xmastree
|scared| Scared Scared
|santa| Santa Santa
|banghead| BangHead BangHead
|whisper| Whisper Whisper
|violin| Violin Violin
|dizzy| Dizzy Dizzy
|scotland| Scotland Scotland
|2up 2Up 2Up
|couch| Couch Couch
|greenheart| Green Heart Green Heart
|dog Dog Dog
|catfight| Catfight Catfight
|monkey| Monkey Monkey
|mOrrI| mOrrI mOrrI
|peace| Peace Peace
:) :) :)
|usa usa usa
|pcsucks| PCSucks PCSucks
:D Big Smile Big Smile
|asshole| Asshole Asshole
|fish Fish Fish
|deadhorse Deadhorse Deadhorse
|popcorn| Popcorn Popcorn
|krusty| Jeremy82 Jeremy82
|beers| Beers Beers
|flyaway| FlyAway FlyAway
|fonz| Fonz Fonz
|haha Laugh Laugh
|jester| Jester Jester
|fuckyou| FuckYou FuckYou
|rimshot| Rimshot Rimshot
|flush| Flush Flush
|horse| Horse Horse
|$bag| $$$bag $$$bag
|buddy| BuddyChrist BuddyChrist
|yourock You Rock You Rock
|$$$| $$$ $$$
|happybirt HappyBirthday HappyBirthday
:-/ annoyed annoyed
|pimpin Pimpin Pimpin
|mml| Mml Mml
|sad| Sad Sad
|barf| Barf Barf
|nahnah| NahNah NahNah
|sun sun sun
|lovers| Lovers Lovers
|cheers| Cheers Cheers
|spook Spook Spook
|pirate Pirate Pirate
|knockout| KO KO
|blowjob| BlowJob BlowJob
|tmi| TMI TMI
|coffee Coffee Coffee
|shave| Shave Shave
|sars| Sars Sars
|evilgrin| Evil Grin Evil Grin
|party Party Party
|newbie| Newbie Newbie
|banana| Banana Banana
|verysad Very Sad Very Sad
|smooch| Smooch Smooch
|escape| Escape Escape
|ihatespam Spammers Spammers
|loveyou loveyou loveyou
|devil| Devil Devil
|batman Batman Batman
|party2 Party2 Party2
|whatever| Whatever Whatever
:P Tongue Tongue
|bullshit| BullShit BullShit
|bigfuckin BigFuckingGun BigFuckingGun
|hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
|facepalm| FacePalm FacePalm
|spam| Spam Spam
|sandm sandm sandm
|zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzz
|bighappy| Big Happy Big Happy
|hammer Hammer Hammer
|bullseye| Bulls Eye Bulls Eye
|kissass| Kissass Kissass
|hotline| Hotline Hotline
|satan| Satan Satan
|cake Birthday Cake Birthday Cake
|yawn| Yawn Yawn
|headbang| Headbang Headbang
|flowers| Flowers Flowers
|attention Attention Attention
|swear| Swear Swear
|boooo| BOOOO! BOOOO!
|shake| Shake Shake
|greenbat Greenbat Greenbat
|happycat| Happy Cat Happy Cat
|hockey| macho_guy_ice_dancing_smilie macho_guy_ice_dancing_smilie
|witch Witch Witch
:( Frown Frown
|unhappy| Unhappy Unhappy
|swordfigh SwordFight SwordFight
|monkey monkey monkey
|fools| Fools Fools
|canada| GO Canada GO Canada
|brick Brick Brick
|lightsabe LightSaber LightSaber
|cry| Cry Cry
;) Wink Wink
|tongue| Tongue Tongue
|england| England England
|pink Pink Pink
|thumbsup2| Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
|assfuck| AssFuck AssFuck
|cat Cat Cat
|roses| Roses Roses
|virgohippy| Virgohippy Virgohippy
|mrhanky| Mr Hanky Mr Hanky
|snot| Snot Snot
|Simon| Treadmill Treadmill
|pumpkin| Pumpkin Pumpkin
|sneeze| Sneeze Sneeze
|idea| Idea Idea
|kayaking| Kayaking Kayaking
|grocery| Grocery Shopping Grocery Shopping
|bigsmile| Big Smile Big Smile
|cheerlead Cheerleaders Cheerleaders
|artichoke| artichoke artichoke
|refs| Refs Refs
|priesthol RunningBack RunningBack
|cheese| Cheese Cheese
|firstdown FirstDown FirstDown
|golf Golf Golf
|ref| Ref Ref
|starface| Star Face Star Face
|cheer| Cheer Cheer
|valentineflasher| Valentine Flasher Valentine Flasher
|bookworm| Bookworm Bookworm
|gardener| Gardener Gardener
|mouthytoilet| mouthy toilet mouthy toilet
|pig| Pig Pig
|happymoney| HAppy Money HAppy Money
|shhhh| Shhhh Shhhh
|sahke| PC shake PC shake
|music| Muisc Muisc
|tardis| tardis tardis
|poop| Pile Of Shit Pile Of Shit
|CryingShit| Crying Shit Crying Shit
|huh| Huh Huh
|wow| Wow Wow
|mouthpuke| Puke In My Mouth Puke In My Mouth
|Grasshopper| Grasshopper Grasshopper
|finger| Finger Finger
|nakekman| Naked Man Naked Man
| Whatever| Whatever Whatever
|bird2| Fuck You Twice Fuck You Twice
|wow2| Wow Wow
|hard| hard hard
|puke2| Puke In Your Mouth Puke In Your Mouth
|coffee| Prescription Coffee Prescription Coffee
|flip_flop_emoji flip_flop_emoji flip_flop_emoji
|cockroach_emoji cockroach_emoji cockroach_emoji
|cash_bag_emoji cash_bag_emoji cash_bag_emoji
|chonga_emoji.png chonga_emoji.png chonga_emoji.png
|big_butt_emoji| big_butt_emoji big_butt_emoji

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