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Hmmm.. okay, so i am a little confused. Are you planning on submitting the individual gallery pages? They do look fine to me. I would list them. Your images are in order and they open to the larger image when you click them.

So, now, you have two options. You can turn that into one free site - index page, main page, 2 gallery pages. Here's one example of mine - The downside of free sites is there are fewer places now to submit them.

For the TGPs, you can take just the pages with your pictures, add the reciprocal links, and submit them to the TGPs. Obviously, if you are going to submit that as a free site, you don't want the reciprocal links on the inner pages.

For your menu page or main page, you have Alicia listed, but you should add your other gallery to it and remove the next link at the bottom of Alicia's page. It should be it's own site with a title on that first index page so that your visitors know what they are getting.

Good start... and you will get there. Much of what you will see on the TGPs these days are sponsor galleries as there are not too many still building. Clicking around to see what has been submitted is a good idea, but not always as rewarding as it used to be.
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