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Maybe getting a proper web designer to create your site will make your argument that you actually know what you are doing better, and stop scaring off clients:

1) It opened wider than the screen on my desktop. Remember, not everyone has the same resolution as you, and some will be using tablets, 'phones, etc. Make the bloody thing responsive, or at least use size "XX%" type tags for pictures and tables. Believe me, when a dinosaur like me tells you you are behind the times, you really are behind the times!

2) At one point you have dark grey text overlapping onto black background, making it unreadable. Not only does this show you as incompetent and scare clients away for that reason, but it also gets flagged by Google as "probable SE cheating" so will kill your SE ranking. Also, what sane webmaster is going to use any link thingy that comes from a site that is being penalised by Google? They are going to be afraid of loosing ranking because of the "guilt by association" rule!
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