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Phad 10-12-2017 07:06 PM

Premium Wins Promo

PremiumWins is a device-friendly clipstore featuring exclusive content from the models of Epic Panda, and more! Models can use Premiums Wins to sell their videos, galleries, and camshows. All content can be streamed or downloaded.

How Can Affiliates Promote This Content?
  • The landing pages for content function like a hosted gallery.
  • Alternatively, you can download the promo zips, create your own blog posts or galleries on your external site, and link to the content pages as you would a paysite tour, or zipset.
  • You can also link directly to the individual clipstores, for an overview of the latest releases.

Don't Do These Things - Premium Nopes:
  • Please don't use pirated content in place of the official promo. Scarcity and censorship are good for sales.
  • Please don't mirror the clipstores with cloned pages, or register domains meant to resemble the model's/studio's clipstore.
What happened to Zipsets? EpicZips?
Over the years, zipset releases led to some record-breaking paychecks for models and our affiliates. Zipset days were great sales days. But as our sites moved towards mobile-friendly content delivery, we listened to feedback, and came to see that large .zip archives which require special software just to open them were impractical for phones, and put limitations on how the buyers could consume the content.

What is a “Premium Win”?
In short: the best content in the clipstore. When you see that blue flag in the corner that says “Premium Win” on a new release, consider that like you would a staff recommendation.
Additionally, the releases tagged "Premium Win" are what would have once been considered a "Zipset"; we’re vouching that this featured content is hot stuff, well-produced, and that we think fans will love it. This doesn’t mean the other content in a clipstore isn’t good as well, but it’s our way to put a spotlight on the videos that we think are extra special. The term “zipset” still resonates with OG webmodel fans, (and our models.) But in the mobile and camgirl age, premium content, aka “Premium Wins” are Epic Panda's new zipsets.

Phad 10-12-2017 07:22 PM

The World’s Smallest Bikini video has been remastered to include new, never-before-seen content, plus naughty bits that had been censored in the edits before! And wow, is it some good stuff.

Avery Ray's limited run as a model was mourned by fans – the good news is, there's more! And on Premium Wins, it's sexier than ever before!

Ashlee Nova is the hottest bartender in town; we've seen her at work, serving drinks and sex appeal. Her customers desperately try to snag a date with the tattooed hottie by tipping her lavishly – but you can download her new EXCLUSIVE zip and see Ashlee Nova fully nude without the expensive bar tab!

Phad 10-12-2017 07:23 PM

After harvesting the latest wishlist presents from her P.O. Box, Bailey is cautioned by Eduardo: be careful opening mail from strangers! As usual, it seems like Eduardo has his own selfish motives at play, and Bailey ignores his warning. But Eduardo is right, and Bailey pays the price!

The last box in the pile contains a creepy handwritten note from her “biggest fan”, along with a sketchy looking sex toy. Bailey handles it carelessly, and it sets her down a down strange path. Who sent the package? What will it make Bailey do? And will Eduardo survive the night?

Download Bailey’s most revealing video ever, with lots of awesome, uncensored shots. This release is fun, sexy, and spooky – the best yet from Bailey!

Avery Ray in see-through lace lingerie that offers zero coverage over her naughty parts? You are not dreaming!

In this NEVER BEFORE SEEN video/gallery, Avery’s secret piercings are completely exposed through the nonexistent lace material, giving you a jaw dropping view of her erotic zones. Avery clearly enjoys teasing the camera, flashing her perfect breasts while changing positions and thrusting her tight pussy directly towards lens. Avery is visibly horny while filming, turned on by exposing herself so much; she’s definitely a natural exhibitionist.

Ashlee Nova had a wicked case of the munchies on set. She agreed to keep shooting, as long as her snacks were nearby. This video was originally planned to be non-nude only, but Ashlee was more interested in playing with her food than teasing the camera. She balances her salty treats over her hard nipples, dropping them often and having a blast flashing her naughty parts.

Ashlee flirts and teases the camera while stripping out of her gold minishorts, and sneaking bites in between dance moves. Near the end of the film, she shows off her naked planking skills, flexible chair twerking and unintentionally exposes her drool-worthy asshole to the camera as it films every well lit moment.

This video is the ultimate multitasker – it will make you hungry and horny – so grab a snack with your box of tissues and download or stream Ashlee Nova’s Cheez Nips!

Phad 11-06-2017 07:38 AM

It’s very rare to see a female Predator, let alone a blonde one from the valley. Why? Because they’re invisible, and out of our league in more ways than one. So what would it be like to DATE one? Brooke Marks’ “Predator Girlfriend” video gives you a glimpse of the domestic weirdness of dating the galaxy’s greatest hunter, and Los Angeles’ most dangerous diva.

Brooke’s renowned trophy rack is exposed and put to geeky use in this sexy cosplay parody. This release includes a very hot gallery and multi-camera striptease. When your busty Predator girlfriend asks you if her tits are worthy of being mounted on the wall if she dies, you better answer: YES!

Phad 12-24-2017 03:49 PM

Bailey Knox - LICKED [ LINK | PROMO ZIP ]
DJ Panda planned on filming a sexy bikini lapdance video; leave it to Bailey to take it to the next level.

Bailey wastes no time getting down to business in her full contact lap dance. She encourages DJ Panda to grope and spank her while she twerks inches from his face. Knowing the camera is watching her, she grinds her pussy on his firm dick.

Bailey enjoys feeling him get visibly hard for her and starts stroking him over and under his boxers. The two continue to turn each other on, making sure fans get a good look while they play.

A thongless Bailey performs an extreme reverse cowgirl position and twerks while massaging her clit on DJ’s throbbing bulge. He’s had enough of her tease and starts massaging and fingering her pussy. She attempts to win back control, but she’s overtaken by her lust and needs to get off.

For the first time in her career, Bailey gets fully serviced by a masked man who wants nothing more than to feel her legs shake and quiver. As she starts to build to orgasm, she can’t help but lift her hips and reveal rhythmic glimpses of her wet bank slot. Bailey lets out uncontrollable moans as her pussy is licked and sucked, ending the video with her adorable giggle-gasm that fans love.

91 never-before seen pictures, and 8 minutes of previously censored footage make this the most X-rated addition to the Ultimate Collection yet. Kari’s flashes on video are sustained, well-lit, and impossible to have to be seen to believed. The gallery of uncensored pics includes bootyhole teasing with the thong pulled aside, dozens of nip slips, and partial pussy flashes with open legs.

The video starts with a very naughty discussion about sex toys, including whether Kari likes the ones that can be inserted or the ones that meant to massage the clit. Kari admits that she has a “ringer”, her nickname for a vibrating cock ring. The fans who have been pushing the theory that Kari is strictly a lesbian might find that little detail interesting! Pressed for more info, Kari describes the rest of her toy collection and gives her favorite sex toy a name. Her hot blond friend (who some fans will recognize) even claims to have seen Kari use it before.

There was also just an overall frisky vibe going on during this shoot we don’t normally see in Kari content. Kari and Felix joke that they are setting out to make this video a masturbation aid for Kari’s members, in the same way that her rabbit is for her. Once she’s on her back with her legs open, her photographer says, “This is Merry Christmas to your fans”. Boy is it ever.

Avery Ray’s natural haircolor is EXPOSED along with the rest of her in this recklessly candid video and uncensored gallery.

The video features a single tripod camera recording Avery’s striptease with NO “OOPSIE” CUTS! We’re serious. The only time the footage stops was manually done in the camera.

Avery’s dance moves are on point, but even the best tease models can forget themselves for a moment; and for this video with ZERO cuts – the end result is silly, sometimes awkward, and has real time sex appeal. The video also includes extra bonus footage of Avery modeling and joking around on set.

No “OOPSIE” censorship makes this the Holy Grail of Avery Videos. Definitely not one to miss! Included with this download are 74 NEVER BEFORE SEEN matching images full of naughty slips.

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